【VANS × mastermind JAPAN】 Sales methods of VANS × mastermind JAPAN October 13th (Fri) Lottery at stores.
  【Release date】 10/13(Fri)Californiadept. All stores 10/14(Sat)Californiadept.ONLINE AM0:00 Launching Online ※Sales methods of online store will be on Please read for more information.
  【Releasing Products】
  ・V42MASTERMIND  MT.EDITION S/BLACK ¥25,000-(+TAX) Sizing 24cm・25cm・26cm~28cm・29cm・30cm ※Availability of size may vary depending to stores.
・VA17FW-MA50MJ VANSxmastermind BLACK ¥7,000-(+TAX) Sizing FREE
  【Sales Methods】 All stores will have a raffle deciding the order of entrance. Californiadept. All stores will have a different time of raffle.
  Californiadept. Shinjuku Luminest (1F South Entrance AM8:45~9:00)
  Californiadept. Harajuju (By the stairs at AM8:45~9:00)
  Californiadept.Ebina (After the mall opens、4F Aisle in front the store AM10:00~10:15) ※The raffle will be INSIDE THE MALL
  Californiadept. Clefy Sannoiya (Lining up from the Northeast side entrance to Mister Donuts AM8:30~9:00)
  Californiadept.EXPOCITY (Come to The Grass in AM8:30~9:00)
  Californiadept. LaLaPort TOKYOBAY (North Mall 2F Line up next to 俵屋じゅう兵衛 AM 9:00~9:30)
  Californiadept. LaLaPort Shinmisato (South Mall Entrance Side of ② Parking C AM 9:00~9:30)
  Californiadept.Abeno Q’s Mall (1F Main Entrance AM8:30~9:00) All stores will have a raffle to decide the order of entrance.
  Numbered Tickets : 10/13(Fri)Customers whom at the time of the raffle will have the opportunity to draw. We will have an ID check.
  ID with face picture. (No Copies) ・Only one chance of raffle per person. ・In any reasons, customers who came late cannot have the numbered ticket. ・No camping. It is not a first-come,first-serve system.
  ID Checking: Only IDs with a face picture is admitted. Please bring one of your IDs written below. ①Driving License  ②Passport ③Basic Resident Register Card with Photo ④Student Card with Picture ⑤Residence Card ※Copies of ID, Expired IDs ①〜⑤ are not allowed. Customers without ID cannot pick the raffle. Follow the instructions of staffs customers with numbered ticket. Customers will be guided by staff in order. ・Customers who are not in the line when the number is called out will have no chance to get in. ・Customers who came after the number is called will be guided in the end of the line. ・Only one product can be purchased per model. Lining will finish as soon as all products are sold out.
  After Purchase: Size change, returning are not acceptable. Please check the product before you purchase.
  Because of size checking and fitting, it may take time. Trouble by customers who cannot follow the rules may end up cancelling the selling.
  Rules may change from above.   See you soon at stores.